We are proud DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members. It is the timeshare option that Disney offers. We absolutely love the option.

We made the decision to join the club in 2017. This came after several visits to do some research about the program. We heard about it during one of our trips and took a tour of the program. While we were interested, we had to wait a few months before we could officially become members (due to our wedding). We became members before our wedding because we wanted to plan for our honeymoon. This was a great decision.

In short, DVC provides yearly points (that you decide) and that can be used on hotel rooms. Here is the added perk: the hotels apply to Walt Disney World, DisneyLand, Hawaii, and over 400 partner hotels (throughout the world). Given that we like to go on adventures and work may take us out of town, this seemed like a great option.

There were a few main reasons as to why we decided to become DVC members:

  1. Plan for trips: as members, there is a yearly reminder to take a vacation. Since it is an important part of self care, we never wanted to go for long periods of time without a break. With the points, we are encouraged to use them and it makes planning a trip easier. Also, in the future we want to plan larger vacations with family members. As DVC members, this will help us.
  2. Discounts: there are plenty of discounts that come with being a DVC member. We heard about them through other members. The discounts are included on merchandise and spa services.
  3. Quality of service: the Disney corporation is known for their hospitality and quality of service. All of the partner hotels must meet that level of service. This was something I really appreciated about the program.
  4. Member events: there are some special events that members can be a part of like Moonlight Magic (still need to experience this) or special wine tastings.
Disney Family wine tasting at the Top of the World bar

While this serves as a very brief overview of the program, we are happy to answer any questions. Feel free to email me at drbellesnotebook@gmail.com.

Happy Travels!


Lisa & Piotr