It is no secret that I am a fan of Walt Disney World.  As a little girl I loved the movies and Beauty and the Beast quickly became my favorite.  I mean she was a brunette, loved to read, and wanted to build her own life before settling down!  She spoke to me.  I loved it.  Looking back now I realized she was an early role model.

 I was able to visit Walt Disney World often as little girl.  My family took yearly vacations to Orlando for almost a decade.  When I hit my teen years the family vacations stopped.  I would not visit Orlando or the Magic Kingdom for 15 years.

My first trip as an adult was with Peter.  We went on vacation as I was finishing my dissertation.  I wanted to thank him for all of his help through the process.  He also had never been!  Our first trip was a lot of fun.  We saw all four parks, ate some amazing food, and simply loved our time there.  We quickly went back. Then decided to honeymoon there.  Then we decided to take a second honeymoon (we have not even had a first anniversary yet!).

 So far we have taken 4 trips to visit Walt Disney World.  Each time we find something new to experience.  While Walt Disney World is often associated with children, there are plenty of attractions for adults.  I wanted to share some of the fun things adults can try:

  1. EPCOT-the second of the four parks built in Orlando (after Magic Kingdom).  EPCOT is an acronym for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.  The focus of this park was on community and technology.  The front of the park features attractions around technology.  The back of the park features the world showcase with 11 countries represented.  It is like having a passport to the world within walking distance.  I always learn a lot from the staff (each person working in the pavilion is from the country they represent).  We have a few favorite spots in the pavilion.  In the United Kingdom, the Rose and Crown Pub is a must stop.  There is typically live music by a woman who makes up songs about the people in the pub on the spot!  Chefs de France provides a world class French dining experience.  (Insider tip: if you can get a late dinner reservation it is the perfect spot to watch the nightly fireworks).  We have also spent a lot of time at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria.  The food is simply amazing!  The staff is also super friendly and we have learned so much about Italy from chatting with the staff.
  2. The Turf Bar and Grill-the hidden gem of Walt Disney World.  It is a steakhouse located at the Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  Their food is absolutely perfection.  The appetizers, steaks, and sides all compliment each other.  They also have my favorite dessert on property, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse.
  3. Disney Springs-the best one stop for everything spot on Disney property.  Disney Springs features shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, and live music in outdoor areas.  There is truly something for everyone.  The shops include Disney stores as well as popular brands such as Coach, Alex and Ani, and Sephora.  A must try restaurant is Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante.  The décor is unique and features images focused on the early years of air travel.  The food is prepared with expertise and authentic flavors.
  4. Senses A Disney Day Spa-this spa has quickly become one of my favorite places on Disney property.  We visited the spa located at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  The spa is beautiful and relaxing.  I have tried the mani/pedi and body treatments.  It was Peter’s first spa experience.  He tried the foot and leg massage.  He absolutely loved it.  The sauna and pool are also available for use the day of services.  In the spa relaxation room (the waiting room inside the spa itself) there are zero gravity chairs.  I can lay in those chairs all day long!  It also inspired us to purchase two of the chairs for our home. 
  5. Hospitality- it is important to note that Disney hospitality is world class.  It begins at the airport.  When you stay on property, Disney will pick you up from the airport, bring you to your hotel, and even bring your bags into your room!  All transportation within property is included.  If there are any questions or concerns staff work quickly to provide a happy resolution.  On our honeymoon we were even surprised by the staff with a gift and a dinner reservation (that I could not get for 6 months!).  They truly work to make each experience special and fun.

All this reminiscing about past vacations makes me want to go again.  Time to go book my next Disney trip 🙂