This section will focus on two areas that are important to me.  Below I will outline some key areas of focus for this section:


I am in the middle of my own health and wellness journey.  In graduate school, I did not have much of a wellness plan.  Graduate school was filled with a busy schedule, late nights, and poor eating habits.  There was one quick period where I was regularly attending the gym but after a while life got in the way.  Since that time I have been working towards a consistent routine of physical activity and may have found recently in yoga and mountain biking.  I will write about my personal wellness journey in regards to food and exercise.


Skincare has always been really important to me.  I learned this early because my first job in college was working for a dermatologist.  In this section, I will focus on areas that have worked for my own skincare and beauty routine.  I am only a consumer and a beginner when it comes to makeup.  Luckily, I know a lot of experts in this field.  I will write about my own experiences but will also feature guest blogs from experts in the field to provide tips and advice.