In mid December, I finally realized that this new year would end a decade.  A whole decade!  Where did that time go?  As this realization sunk in I began to reflect on the previous decade and my goals for the new decade ahead.

So what changed?

            The beginning of 2010 was the lowest point of my life.  This was because I had experienced so much sadness through loss of a family member and relationship.  I did not get into graduate school on my first try. The job I wanted never called me back. I was depressed and lost.  In my early twenties I thought I was going no where in my life.  What a way to start the new decade!

            At the end of the 2010’s I am an entirely different person.  I finally got the degrees I wanted.  New relationships were developed. I committed to a field and found success. The job I wanted called me back. Literally my dream job at the school I wanted to work at.  I went from nowhere to somewhere with my goals and dreams.

Keys to success

            It is no accident that I changed so much over the last decade and turned things around.  After thinking about all of these changes I realized there are a few key factors that made all of this possible:

  1. Commitment: at the beginning of the 2010’s I was committed to everyone but me.  I was taking care of my grandmother, college, and putting other relationships first.  I had no concept of self care.  When I started to put my goals first they became reality.  
  2. Clarity: at the end of college I thought I wanted to be a social worker.  I wanted to have a career where I was helping people.  I thought that was social work but did not realize there were other careers that helped people.  My initial rejection to graduate school helped me to find the career path I really love.  
  3. Consistency: to make my goals a reality I had to show up.  I had to do homework.  I had to work for free (internships and volunteer work).   This practice developed my skills that are now necessary to be successful.  
  4. Work: there are no short cuts to achieving dreams.  They take work, passion, and devotion.  It will be worth it when you achieve your dream.

My hope in sharing these tips is that it helps you set and achieve your own goals in this new decade.  Over the next 10 years I want you to feel accomplished, successful, and happy.  Go for that goal that seems unattainable.  Stop procrastinating and go for it. Goals should be achievable and not overwhelming.  It is all possible!

What is ahead?

On New Years Eve 2029, my goal is to have accomplished some major things and have the best decade of my life!  I certainly have some big plans for 2020 and I am excited to share the journey with you.  As always, thank you for following along.  I look forward to sharing some big things with you over the next decade!

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!