Greetings from London!

London Eye

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook you will notice my posts are from Europe. We are in England for some time as I am heading to a conference to present my research. I will be presenting at Oxford University about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how that can help access to higher education for students (more about that on a later post). Before the conference, we have spent some time exploring the city and even a day trip to Paris!

Eiffel tower

I mention the conference because without it, this trip would likely not happen. I feel grateful for the opportunities that my education has lead me to. I share this because we all have the part of our lives (work, family, friendships) that can lead us to amazing experiences. My question to you is what part of your life can lead to the experiences that you want to have?

I will be sharing daily updates on Instagram and Facebook but will also provide some here. When I return I will also post a full review of the hotel (hint: AMAZING!) when I return.


Lisa & Piotr