In this together 🙂

It has been a few months since we started a low FODMAP diet.  If you have been following me along on social media you have seen my posts about the diet.  We began this diet because of my concerns about my stomach issues.  It was a nutritional answer to alleviate some of my issues. 

 We began the elimination phase at the end of August.  That part lasted for 4 weeks.  Since that time, we have been reintroducing foods to figure out my triggers.  My list is growing and I am able to navigate my food choices.  I can tell you I have learned a lot!

A new way

            A low FODMAP diet has now become our lifestyle in our household.  While we first tried this to help my stomach issues, we have both seen positive results.  Not only have my stomach issues been helped, Peter has also felt better than ever. 

All the spices that I had to stop using in my cooking

            I initially lost 7 pounds, through just a change of diet.  I have not weighed myself since this time because the goal is not weight loss rather eating the foods that are better for my body.  Checking my weight is just one measure to see if this nutritional plan is right for me.  I have also noticed that some of the inflammation in my body has decreased.  I also have more energy.  Prior to this I was sluggish and had little energy left at the end of the day.

            We have also noticed that we are saving money on groceries each week.  We are eating certain meals on a rotation.  We purchase fewer things and have less waste.  I think those are also great results.

More information

            If you are interested in learning more about my journey on a low FODMAP diet you can check out my free webinar at The Millennial Academy.  In this webinar, I cover what FODMAP is, why I started it, and more about my results.  I have also partnered with the meal delivery service that I used in the elimination phase, Modify Health.  If you are interested in trying the meals visit their website and use code DRLISA to get a discount on your meals.

            I am also happy to answer any questions about the low FODMAP diet.  I realize it can be a difficult decision to make because it is very restrictive.  I can promise you it will be worth it.