It has been about two weeks on the FODMAP elimination diet at this point.  I have to say that I saw results very quickly and felt much better even after a few days on it.  This blog chronicles some of my journey in FODMAP.

What is FODMAP?

Low FODMAP fruits and veggies. Provided by Modify Health

 It is a three step diet aimed to identify foods that may irritate your gut.  The first phase is sticking to a low FODMAP diet.  The next is to reintroduce high FODMAP foods to identify which ones cause discomfort.  The final stage is the long term planning.  Here individuals should eat a mix between the two lists and avoid the foods that trigger their symptoms.

In the elimination phase, it removes a group of short-chain carbohydrate foods from your diet that may not be properly absorbed in the gut.  The purpose of removing these foods is to later reintroduce them to identify which trigger symptoms. 

My Journey

For the last few weeks I have been in the elimination phase and focusing on eating foods that are low FODMAP.  It has certainly been an interesting experience.  I will say the transition to eating a low FODMAP diet was relatively easy.  I was able to move into the diet without significant cravings for the foods I could not have.  I will admit there were some moments where it was a bit hard and I wanted a food I couldn’t have but it was not very significant.

Low FODMAP foods from Modify Health

It was also an easy transition because I chose to work with a meal delivery service for the elimination phase. I chose Modify Health for my meals during this time. All of the meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are yummy and easy to make. It also took all of the guess work out of meal prep and adjusting to a low FODMAP diet.

I was surprised to see results as quickly as I did.  By results I mean less inflammation in my body.  I almost did not trust the results right away.  I was assured that this is common to see a change in your body so quickly.  Most indviduals see results within the first two weeks. For me, the results were less inflammation and significantly less symptoms.  I feel lighter and less tummy issues.

 I am not yet sure if I lost any weight on this diet.  I know what my beginning weight was but I need to find a scale now to measure myself!  One thing I wish I did was take my measurements before.  This would have probably been the best indicator of any changes in my body.

What’s Next?

I have a few more weeks on the elimination phase.  Even through this phase I am getting an idea of what foods are triggering my symptoms but will know for sure once I begin the reintroduction phase.  This will be a long term nutrition plan that I follow.