Was to take a break

1,000 miles a minute

If you have been following along on my Instagram stories it is no secret it has been a busy summer. In addition to teaching full time throughout the summer I have also been working on making my dreams come true. I am happy to say we have officially launched:

The Millennial Academy: online database of webinars for personal and professional development. All are taught by experts in their field!

Belle’s Notebook Store: our new collection of inspirational shirts, mugs, and tumblers. The first collection is Progress not Perfection!

While I am really proud of these accomplishments in a few short months, I am not going to lie. It wasn’t easy. Balancing all of this included many 12 hour days, time away from Peter and Leo, and in some cases sleepless nights (from excitement and ideas).

Road trip!

The opportunity

In the middle of all the work I received an unexpected call from my colleague. He called to invite Peter and I to the Cape for a few days. Without hesitation we gladly accepted and made our way to Cape Cod a few weeks later. It was our first trip and we were just glad to be at the beach!

The beach and my laptop

Lewis Bay in Cape Cod

So I will admit I was not fully in vacation mode as I still had to work but I slowed down my pace. My afternoon walk was by a beach. It was amazing.

I woke up earlier than usual. I took walks on the beach. I felt like I reset my mind because I allowed myself to rest. The change of scenery and ocean air were just what this doctor needed.

Dinner at Portside Tavern

Peter and I also got to talk. Just talk. Not about work. Not about the tasks we needed to get accomplished. Not about the lack of time we spent together. We talked about our relationship, our goals, and plans for our future. This break not only helped me professionally but also personally as well.

My new favorite places

We also had the opportunity to explore some new places. This is one of our favorite things to do together. If you are ever in the Yarmouth or Hyannis area of Cape Cod we highly recommend these local businesses:

Smoked salmon omelet at Sea Street Cafe 🙂

Portside Tavern: super friendly staff and the food is AMAZING. We went there twice for dinner and loved everything we tried (especially the pizza, try any pizza).

Sea Street Cafe: a new cafe with the best breakfast! The staff was super nice and the breakfasts were super yummy. We ended up going there three times during our stay. (Omelets were our favorite!)

Key lessons

The break helped us to do some of our favorite things and take a break. It helped me to get some clarity in the direction of my own goals. This also helped me to focus on the appropriate next steps. Perhaps the most important lesson-TAKE A BREAK!