I have just completed the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet.  I am so grateful I found this plan.  It was truly the answer I was looking for.  My pain is gone.  My belly bloat is gone.  I feel more energized.  I see a difference in my body.

The elimination phase

In the elimination phase, I only ate foods that were on the low FODMAP list.  The goal here is to remove any food that may trigger symptoms so that you can later introduce them and see which high FODMAP foods trigger your symptoms.  The foods on the high FODMAP list are known to cause symptoms but it does not mean every food on this list is a trigger for me.  The goal here is to identify which foods are a trigger. 

Photos provided by Modify Health

I was in this phase for 4 weeks and I am now reintroducing some high FODMAP foods.  I can say that when I reintroduce a particular food, the symptoms are almost immediate.  I can tell which food is bad for me based on how I feel after eating it.  The goal here is create my list of what my body tolerates and what it does not tolerate.  That way I know how to prep my meals in the future and what foods to decrease consumption or eliminate from my diet entirely. 

Sample meals on a Low FODMAP diet (Photos provided by Modify Health)

What helped me during the elimination phase was using a meal delivery service.  I was worried about doing something wrong if I prepared my own food and I wanted to make sure I completed this phase correctly.  I chose to order from Modify Health because of their approval from Monash University (where the original research on the FODMAP diet is from).  I decided on the meal plan where I would receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the entire elimination period.  This was a great way to transition into this new nutrition plan.  The food was easy to prepare (just heat in the microwave or stovetop) and was super convenient for my busy schedule.

The results

While the main goal is not weight loss, I ended up losing 7 pounds in 3 weeks!  This was the first time that I went to a doctor’s appointment and my weight went down!  Over the last few years, every time I had a doctor’s appointment, my weight kept going up.  Each year it was a few pounds where it has now led up to 50 pounds over what my weight should be.  This was another area I was concerned with (for overall health) because no doctor could figure out the cause of weight gain.

This plan is going to be incorporated into my daily routine moving forward.  I feel great and the results are what I was looking for.  I even plan on doing a webinar about my experiences as a patient and it will be available on The Millennial Academy. 

Modify Health

I have also partnered with Modify Health because I am a big fan.  Visit modifyhealth.com and enter the code DRLISA at checkout.  You will receive $20 off each of your first 3 orders ($60 total).  The meals are easy to reheat, come in easy to store containers, and are portion controlled.  All you have to do it reheat and enjoy 