In honor of the amazing collaboration this week with the Wedding Realm, I thought about my own wedding dress shopping experience.  I wanted to provide some tips on wedding gowns for brides to be.  First I will share my own story.

A little over two years ago I began looking for my wedding dress.  Funny enough when I started looking I was not even serious yet!  I was finishing my dissertation and I wanted a break from academia.  I started looking at wedding dresses and shops to see what I liked for when I got serious.  Interesting enough, my dress found me.

A friend of mine had an extra ticket to a bridal show at Mohegan Sun.  I went and explored the vendors.  There was a bridal dress store from Rhode Island and on their display they had one of the most beautiful gowns I had ever seen.  It was on a mannequin and I was unable to try it on.  The store was two hours from my house so I figured this beautiful dress was out of reach. 

Wedding Day-April 2018

The next day I saw a clip of CT style and the owner of a wedding dress shop was there reviewing some of her dresses.  She mentioned that she was having a designer event that weekend so I booked an appointment.  When I showed up at my appointment, the staff helped me pick some dresses and I began trying them on.  After the first fitting, nothing really caught my eye.  I went on the floor to look for the dress.  I looked through a few dresses and behold I found the beautiful dress from the bridal show.  I tried it on and it became a top two choice.  A week later I returned with Peter (yes my husband helped me pick my gown!) and it was decided that would be my gown. 

I was so happy with my choice and it worked well with the theme.  Yes my wedding was modeled after Beauty and the Beast (I am that big of a Disney fan).  Notice the rose detail in the skirt 🙂 The dress made me feel like a modern princess.  The dress was also super comfortable, a must have on your wedding day!

I was also lucky enough to model for the Wedding Realm and 360 photography this week.  I got to try on wedding dresses again.  This experience inspired me to come up with a quick check list of things to consider when picking your wedding dress.

Bridal Dress Check List:

  1. Do pick a dress you love: it is your dress and a special one at that.  Find the dress that you absolutely love.  If you are not absolutely in love with your dress, do not buy it.  Do not listen to friends, family, or trends.  This is a dress that you want to love and have to look back on pictures. 
  2. Find a comfortable dress: your wedding day is going to be a busy day.  Whether your wedding is long or short, you will be doing a lot in that outfit (taking photographs, greeting guests, and visiting with guests).  Make sure you can walk, dance, and interact with others comfortably.  You do not want to miss out on parts of your wedding due to not being able to move comfortably.
  3. Be happy: often I hear brides talk about their wedding dress like it will be the only time they will ever wear a wedding dress.  Do not put that pressure on this experience.  You may wear another wedding dress (think vow renewals) and have that opportunity again. 

My hope is that this check list helps you find the wedding dress of your dreams.  If you have any questions I am always happy to help.  Feel free to send me an email or dm on social media.