Progress Not Perfection: A Millennial's Story

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Progress not Perfection: A Millenial's Story is part memoir and part guided journal.

The book is focused on busy life in the modern world, with juggling career goals, family life, and finding the ever needed time for self care. It is the guide to find that balance.

As a millennial academic, Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski often finds herself looking for the middle ground of work and life balance. What she has discovered is that true balance does not exist rather finding the progress instead of the perfection.

The author shares her experiences in multiple areas of life including education, self-care, and family in relatable short stories. The chapter also includes tips & tricks for guidance and support. Each chapter ends with worksheets for the reader to create their own goals and develop a path to reach that goal.

The ultimate goal for Progress not Perfection: A Millenial's Story is for the reader to utilize the book as a tool. Each reader should experience the book in their own way-read the chapters that are most relevant to you, draw the answers to the worksheets, write all over the book. Work with the book in a way that fits your needs. That way, the reader can enjoy the progress instead of the pursuit of perfection.