The Millennial Academy

What is The Millennial Academy? 

It is an e-learning platform designed for the modern professional and college students. Led by Dr. W., this platform hosts several options for your personal and professional development needs.  Find options for: 

  • Classes on specialized topics. 

  • Membership options 

  • Individualized coaching sessions 

Courses are pre-recorded and work at your own pace.  New courses are released each month on the 1st of the month.  The topics for the year include: 

January 2021: Goal Setting 

February 2021: Imposter Syndrome 

March 2021: Time Management 

April 2021: Stress Management 

May 2021: Career Paths 

June 2021: Social Media Branding 

July 2021: Intergenerational Work Place

August 2021: Work/Life Balance 

September 2021: Motivation 

October 2021: Leadership 

November 2021: Mental Health 

December 2021: Year in Review

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