Belle’s Notebook officially launched on August 18th, 2018.  The same day as the launch I ended up in the hospital emergency room (check out my blog post called “Two Steps Back” for more details).  It has now been over a year since the official launch, so it feels like a great time to review what happened since last August.

            The idea of Belle’s Notebook came from the desire to write a book.  One of my goals since childhood was to write a book.  The idea for “Progress not Perfection: A Millennial’s Story” came in 2015 but it took until 2018 to write it.  I also wanted to create a blog that was relatable and focused on important topics. 

            In the journey of creating this blog and writing the book so many things happened in between.  I made mistakes.  I received bad advice.  I went down paths that did not make sense.  I lost myself for a while.  At the same time, I got to finish a goal I had.  I met a lot of amazing people.  I got to partner with some great business owners. 

            At the same time my personal life completely changed.  We built a house and moved in.  We got a puppy.  We traveled to England and Harvard for conferences.  All great things that needed my attention.

            Thank you to you all for following along on the journey over the last year.  We are super grateful for your engagement with Belle’s Notebook and all of your support.  We are also super excited for what the next year has in store!

            So, what is coming up in this new year?

            Blog posts will focus on leadership, mentoring, travel, and a few more fun topics 🙂 New blogs will come out every other Monday morning. 

            The second edition of “Progress not Perfection: A Millennial’s Story” will also be available shortly.  With this release, there will also be live events including a book launch party and book signings.  More details will be available as events are planned.  I really look forward to connecting with you all at these live events. 

            The #BelleBoss t-shirts will continue to be restocked and available.  There will also be another t-shirt design added in a few weeks.

            We are also working on one more very special part of Belle’s Notebook.  This will be announced in December 🙂 Stay tuned for this very special announcement.

            Thank you for joining us on this next chapter of this journey.  We are super excited for it and hope you are too!