So we’re self-proclaimed foodies.  Throughout our relationship we have learned to appreciate food on a different level.  We have tried out several restaurants, breweries, vineyards, and locally owned food establishments (ex. food trucks, farm to table).  Trying new places has become one of our favorite activities to do together.  By far, we have a soft spot for one particular place-Butcher’s and Bakers.

We first tried the restaurant when it opened and it quickly became one of our favorites.  The restaurant offers a variety of choices including salads, sandwiches, quality cuts of meat, and seafood.  We loved the restaurant so much we even had our rehearsal dinner there.   

Since we have conducted extensive research (ok we eat there like 2 times a week) we decided to provide a list of a few of our favorite dishes.  While the menu has special options that change weekly here are a few of the staples that never disappoint:

  1. Coal-fired garlic bread: an interesting twist on classic garlic bread.  It is house made focaccia with gorgonzola cream poured on top.  The bread is the perfect mix of fluffy and crunchy which will have you soaking up every last bit of the gorgonzola goodness.
  2. Soups:  there is always one set soup on the menu (changes seasonally) and one special every day.  Honestly, try ‘em all.  We have never had a soup that we did not like (Peter is a self-proclaimed officiando). 
  3. 4 Cheese Macaroni Carbonara: the absolutely amazing comfort meal offering a mix of cheesy goodness, meat, and al dente pasta.  This is a fun meal to share with someone as it arrives in the skillet it is cooked in.  It reminds us of shared family meals. 
  4. Bakers Box: the best $5 you will ever spend.  The bakers box offers a mix of cookies or brownies (depending on what is freshly made).  Lisa is not the biggest fan of sweets but she cannot resist this box.

The weekend brunch is another must try.  The menu changes seasonally.  It offers some of the same dinner menu staples along with breakfast favorites such as omelets and eggs benedict.  They also offer the bottomless cocktail option for brunch.


In addition to the wonderful food that they offer, there is usually live music and fun events.  This weekend we will be attending the first Chef Demo cooking class hosted by the executive chef.  We look forward to a fun experience and will post updates.


Lisa & Piotr