If you have not heard already the Belle’s Notebook shop opened in July!  We are so excited for this next step.  If you have not had the chance to check it out yet click here: Belle’s Notebook Shop.

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What I wear

            In honor of our new shop I wanted to write a blog about some of my favorite places where I shop.  When I was younger, I was guilty of heading to Westfarms mall and spending hours just browsing in many stores.  Now my choices have downsized to a few brands that I frequently purchase from.  I tend to search for brands that carry long pant sizes (trust me this is not easy!).  That is typically one of the biggest reasons a brand catches my attention. 

            My style has also evolved over the years.  In recent years I have mostly lived in professional work wear.  I spent a lot of hours on campus and typically teach for 3 hours at a time.  My clothes needed to be professional and comfy at the same time.  I have also expanded some of what I call my fun part of my closet in recent weeks. 

            So now that you know a bit about my style and the evolution of it, I wanted to share a few of the places that I find my clothes. 

*Note: These are not affiliate links or ads.  I am just sharing information about my favorite brands because I love them.

My favorite brands

  1. Olive French: this local boutique has quickly become a favorite of mine.  Brittany has unique and beautiful pieces that I cannot find anywhere else.  She is amazing to work with and will answer any of your questions about the items.  Her store is filled with fun and casual clothes.  Her selection includes leisure wear, dresses, denim, tops, and now jewelry.  Free shipping and returns are included so you cannot lose on trying her boutique.  By the way-if she ever has the brand Hidden jeans in stock by them.  I mean buy 3 pairs.  They are the best jeans I have ever purchased and I do not think I will ever go back to any brand.  Check out her store here: Olive French
  2. Loft: one of my favorites for work wear.  The pieces are modern, comfortable, and professional.  This is a must have for my work life.  My favorite part is how comfortable the clothes are especially when I am in the classroom for 3-hour periods.  They have Tall section which makes me very happy (I can not stand short pants!).  Their pieces are also feminine and have little details that make them stand out.  You also can not go wrong when they have a sale 🙂 Check out Loft here: LOFT
  3. Target: I have to admit Target became my thing during quarantine.  It was easy to shop from my app and I was able to stock up on some pieces of my comfortable wardrobe.  Before the quarantine I did not have a lot of comfy clothes as I was always in my work wear.  I used this time to expand my closet.  I have always been a fan of t-shirts and Target did not disappoint.  I picked up some cute t-shirts for working from home.  I was able to get all of my favorites including The Golden Girls, Mickey Mouse, and Queen!  Specifically, in Target I have three favorite brands which include A New Day, Joy Lab, and All in Motion.  To check them out click here: Target

When our t-shirt line debuts I will be pairing them with some of my favorites from these stores 🙂



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