A little over two years ago Peter and I were married.  Our whole relationship has moved pretty quickly and we have done a lot with only being together less than 5 years.  During that time, we have balanced school work, working full time, and all the other things couples experience.

The early days 🙂

Moving Quickly

We moved in together after being a couple for 3 months.  At the time I was in the middle of my doctoral dissertation and he took on a lot of the household responsibilities.  After I graduated, he went back to school to complete his bachelor’s degree.  He graduated within two years and we made a decision that he would continue for his master’s degree.  That was another two years.  He just graduated  So within our nearly 5 years together, one of us has been enrolled in school.

Master’s graduate

In between all of that we moved three times, became dog parents, received promotions at our jobs, and started a blog.  (I got tired just reading all of that lol).  We realize that we juggle a lot so we wanted to share some of the tips that help us balance all of this and our relationship.

Lisa’s Advice

Never give up on each other: to me that means being your partners biggest support even when they are struggling. There are some days where you may have to be the only thing that is positive in their day. 

Communicate: talk, a lot.  Often.  Did I mention talk a lot?  Communication is key when you are managing so many things.  Even when you think you have effectively communicated check in with your partner to make sure they listened and understood what you were trying to say.

Peter’s Advice

Communicate (2 times because it takes 2 to tango): When couples talk, even though each person takes things differently, the talking clears out a lot of unknowns. Allows for clear communication and better understanding about each other.

Push each other: While it is hard to sometimes push past a certain barrier, be there for each other to support and propel each other. Support is very important in achieving one’s goals and sometimes that support can come from one source initially.  

It is important to note that within all of this we have had our successes as well as our struggles.  The overall key to this is getting through them together.


Lisa & Peter