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 February 2021 Feature: The Business Coach 

Back in September 2020 it was becoming clear to me that my business plan had to be finalized.  My dreams are big.  I need to set the proper foundation and work towards my dreams.  A colleague of mine reminded me I need the business plan to move forward.  So, I tried.

I stared at the computer.  I had an outline of how to finish it but it felt so odd to me.  I second guessed myself 100 times and put the computer away.  I had written a dissertation but a business plan was overwhelming to me.  I was overthinking it.  So, for the next month I attempted to write it and after a few minutes I put my computer away.  I was getting nowhere.  This continued for about a month and a half.

Then Beth told me to stop messing around.

I shared with her my struggle.  She told me I was overthinking it and I agreed.  It still felt overwhelming.  One afternoon we sat down to review my issue.  Less than an hour later I had a business plan. 

In this process, Beth asked me questions and I talked through my ideas with her.  This helped to gain clarity.  I was able to share my plan with someone else and this helped me to form my business plan.  With her help I had clarity, insight, a business plan, and a direction.

My friend Beth Bolton is no stranger to new directions.  After all her career has been focused on following her new direction.  Back in 2009, she decided to move from the corporate world after 25 years into a new role.  She followed her passion to open A Little Something Bakery where she was the owner and master baker.  For the next 11 years, Beth ran her successful business in West Hartford, Connecticut.  Her master creations brought joy to the many weddings, celebrations, and daily events of her customers' lives. 

A little something bakery image

During her time running the bakery she experienced the joy of making her passion come alive and the rough times of entrepreneurship.  Her bakery expanded to have a 10 person staff.  Her dream that was born out of the recession was a success! 

After some time, Beth began to feel that she needed a new direction.  With all of the success and challenges of running the bakery she knew she had more to offer.  In 2019, Beth decided it was time to close the bakery and step into a new role.  In December 2019, a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic would hit the United States, Beth closed her bakery for the last time. 

Her new direction was focused on mentoring and coaching.  She took all of her experience as an entrepreneur and developed coaching guides for early start entrepreneurs.  Her focus is on business planning, clarity, and understanding your why.  She wants to make sure you have the foundation for your business to succeed.

This busy professor is super grateful for the expertise and knowledge Beth shared with me ;)

Beth is the coach every business owner needs.  She is there to guide, support, and mentor you. She will also ask you the hard questions and it is all out of love ☺

Beth Bolton at a computer

Beth Bolton working at West Hartford Co-Working 

In addition, she is working on her book!  I got a sneak peek and I am telling you I am getting one of the first copies ☺ Her book is focused on life lessons she learned through running the bakery.  This touching work will be available later in 2021.


Beth Bolton lives in West Hartford, Connecticut and is the coach behind Beth Bolton Consulting.  To connect with Beth:



Social Media (Instagram): @askbethbolton