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January 2021 Feature: The fashion designer

I want to introduce you to my good friend Kasia Roginska.  She has a job title that I would love to have-fashion designer.  Her area of focus is swimwear.  She creates the most amazing and comfortable bathing suits I have ever worn.  Her journey to this title started a number of years ago. 

Kasia was born and raised in Poland.  She learned to sew from her father who was a self-taught tailor.  It was at this early age that she developed a passion for designing.  She began sewing outfits for her dolls from left over pieces of fabric.  Her love for the craft lead her to fashion school.  She attended Fashion Design School in Krakow, Poland but soon after graduation she left Poland to move to America. 

Her dream of working in fashion would be put on hold for a number of years.  After moving to the United States, she attended Tunxis Community College and completed her training in dental hygiene.  She focused on her work, her family, and building her life in Connecticut.  Kasia got married and became a mother to two sons.  All was well but she had a passion to create something.  She always thought about fashion and even designed a few outfits but the dream of creating her own label seemed out of reach. 

This changed when Kasia’s father passed away.  After his passing, Kasia visited her hometown and found his sewing machine.  Finding this precious sewing machine again would change her path.  It reignited her passion for creating and she decided it was time to revisit her dream.  Three months later she launched KARO swimwear.  It helped her heal from the loss of her father. 

KARO swimwear logo 

Her bathing suits quickly gained a following in her local area.  She hosted runway shows at local restaurants and venues to showcase her designs.  The press featured her swim suits.  Her work has been featured in popular magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Life & Style, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazaar, and Vogue.  Kasia began showing her bathing suits in runaway shows in New York City and Miami.  Her work has been featured in New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim week.  Celebrities including Gretchen Rossi, Joanna Krupa, Arianny Celeste, and Kenny Johnson has all applauded her work.  This local fashion designer was heading for superstardom. 

Press coverage of KARO swimwear

Press coverage of KARO swimwear 

Kasia’s consistent progress led her to one of her goals-opening her own shop.  She opened a storefront in Hartford, Connecticut in 2019.  The store was filled with her swimwear, beach wraps, and she quickly expanding into clothing wear.  She expanded her offerings to fun colder weather fashion.  She continued to do events in the store and her brand was shining bright.

Boutique Denim Bikini

KARO boutique and swimsuit from her current line 

Then the pandemic happened.

Kasia had to make the difficult decision to close the shop during the quarantine.  A few weeks later she learned that she was laid off from her job as a dental hygienist where she had worked for over 16 years.  She was at home with her children and focused on her next steps.  She knew she wanted her brand to grow and now had to switch directions.  Kasia also had one more issue to resolve, living in New England, swimwear is a limited line as half of the year is filled with cold weather.  So how can she grow her brand and her dream?

She expanded the clothes available in her shop.  She now offers sweaters, sweater dresses, cardigans, and two-piece sets.  She again focused on unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Her goal is to curate a shop that is unique in terms of style, color, and offering. 

Woman in yellow sweater

My favorite yellow sweater from KARO boutique 

This approach proved to be successful.  Her customers supported her and helped her to expand her dream.  She continues to stock her store with her customer in mind.  Kasia plans on expanding in 2021.


She is creating a new line of swimwear for the 2021 season.  I got a sneak peek and I am super excited for this line.  I plan on getting the first one Her vision for this line remains the same-affordable luxury created to make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and one of a kind.  


Kasia Roginska lives in Berlin, Connecticut and is the fashion designer behind KARO swimwear.  To connect with Kasia:


Social Media (Facebook & Instagram):

@karoswimwear & @karo_swimwear_boutique