How to be successful in college

College is a big thing in our house. 

We both work at a college.  Also, for most of our relationship one of us has been enrolled in a college degree program.  When we started dating I was finishing up my doctorate.  As soon as I finished, Peter went back to school to complete his bachelor's degree.  He was only a few classes away from completing the degree.  He then went right into a master's program.  This is the first year of our relationship that we are not enrolled in a any type of degree program.  

I wanted to share this blog post on some key tips to navigating college with a partner.  I have had the unique perspective of being the partner enrolled in school and then the support system of my spouse enrolled in school. 

Here are some key strategies to being successful in college while managing multiple responsibilities: 

1. Set a schedule: this will help to complete all tasks and assignments by a given due date

2. Identify responsibilities and adjust accordingly: review what responsibilities are necessary to take care of.  This can change from week to week.  For example, during final exam week completing household chores may not be as immediate a concern as the exams 

3. Know what the goals are: understanding and sharing the goals will help to make progress and achieve them

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