Goodbye 2020

2020 is officially coming to an end. This has truly been a year like no other and there have been significant differences in how we all experienced 2020. Given the vast variety of experiences, it is difficult to summarize and provide insight on what this year has meant. Therefore I will keep my remarks short. 

This year has been filled with sorrow, change, discomfort, and refocus. The world as we all knew it stopped early in 2020 and we are still figuring out what the future looks like.

For me 2020 has been the beginning of a new chapter. It made me face my lack of physical and emotional presence at home. It made me decide on what changes I want to make. It helped us to work out some of our differences and plan how to move forward. It helped to refocus my direction.

Without 2020, I may not have had the opportunity to slow down and reevaluate. For that I will be grateful for this year. 

I recently saw a quote stating that may the lessons you learned in 2020 be applied in 2021. This is how I intend to walk into 2021-applying all that I have learned over the past 12 months.