How many times have you challenged yourself in your career?  How did this make you feel?  When did you realize you were ready for a new chapter?  How did you work towards your new goal?

I know I have asked myself these questions multiple times over the last few years.  I have worked in a few different fields (human services, banking, education).  The reason for this initially was having a flexible schedule so that I could go to school.  I also was searching for experiences to find the field I was passionate about.  In some cases, I learned what I wanted to do because I was not thrilled with what I was doing.  In other situations, I learned when it was time to take a new approach within that same career. 

            I have found that this kind of reflection has been super helpful over the course of my career.  As you read in the last post, I am not afraid of a challenge.  It helped lead me to my career in education.  It helped me to realize what type of courses I want to teach.  It helps me to make decisions on what research projects I take on.  It also helps me to decide which conferences I submit proposals to. 

So what now?

            Lately that same intuition has been making me think about a new direction.  After a lot of research and thoughtful consideration I have a big announcement……….

            “Progress not Perfection: A Millennial’s Story” is turning into a podcast!

            I love writing and blogging.  It has been a lot of fun.  I also love teaching (I am not leaving the field anytime soon).  However, I feel as though I can do more.  When the opportunity came to turn the book into a podcast, I knew I had to consider it.  Each chapter can turn into rich discussions.  There are experts in their fields who would love to contribute their knowledge.  Therefore, it is time to take it a step further.

Podcast information

            The name of the podcast is Progress not Perfection with Dr. W.  The episodes will be released bi-weekly on Fridays.  The focus will be on finding happiness, working towards a goal, or even changing direction. 

The podcast will be recorded at The Content Lab at West Hartford CoWorking.  We are excited to join the community and bring this podcast to you in early 2020.  Please continue to follow us on social media for the latest updates.  As always, thank you for coming along on this journey.