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College Success

Learn more about how to succeed in college

Hi! I am Lisa or Dr. W.

I am a professor, blogger, and entreprenuer. I started this blog to talk about my journey in writing a book. In that process I shared my story of working as a professor, starting a business, and even sometimes about my relationship :)

The blog also evolved into two very special projects. The first is a podcast titled "Progress not Perfection with Dr. W." The second is The Millennial Academy where I teach courses about the college experience.

I am so grateful for the connections that I have made on this platform. I have enjoyed sharing my life with you and hearing your feedback. This blog has evolved thanks to the community support.

In 2021, I will continue to share more about my life and journey but I also want to give back to the community. This year I will have a special monthly feature of a community member. I want to share their story and expertise with you.

Thank you for following along :)

This is THE best guided journal on the market. I set goals by following methods in this journal!

Ania from @askaniamedia

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation-so there was a lot of relatable content


Non-cookie cutter


Lisa is so informative & eloquent in the way she speaks to her listeners. Highly recommend!

Although many of us suffer from Imposter Syndrome, if it weren't for Dr. Lisa I wouldn't have any idea what it was called. Absolutely worth checking out The Millennial Academy.